Amplimo toroidal transformer 230V 2X 115V 3000VA R7070P

Item No.: R7070P
(Price excluding VAT) 504,96
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Amplimo ringkerntransformator 2x115V 2x115V 3000VA thermisch beveiligd R7670PT

Brand: Amplimo
Type: R7670PT
Power: 3000VA
Primary winding: 230V or 2x 115V
Secondary winding: 2x 115V - 13A
Secondary winding in serie: 230V - 13A
Secondary winding in parallel: 115V - 26A
Diameter: 230mm
Height: 110mm
Weight: 24kg
Mounting material is included: Yes
Conform: RoHS, c UR us and EN61588

400v50/60Hzdubbel geisoleerdSafety Isolating TransformerRoHS CompliantEN61558UL/CSA approvedCE

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